Thursday, October 27, 2011

OCCUPY GOD - Season 1 PLAYLIST ! ! ! Yayyyyyyyy!

Finally! O come all ye faithful . . .  :-)!

Click here to see OCCUPY GOD the way I "imagine" it - in sequence.
I wish it would stay "full screen" but -well - you can't have everything.

Start with "THE MESSENGER" and then let it roll (you can hit "pause" whenever you need a drink, or to get higher, or go to the bathroom . . . ) - I'm soooooooo excited for you!

Let's OCCUPY GOD! Too late . . .  it's already happened!



Anonymous said...

hey satan, what do you make of this vid the zeitgeist movement posted through facebook?

maybe you can show him how to speak for 3:13 on the topic of the evil god of abraham without being a condescending mummy's boy quite so much?

don't quote me on that!


Occupy God said...

Hi there Anon! Did the Zeitgeist folks post this video? I checked it out - but I saw it on YouTube through your link. It wasn't particularly clever but - still - I don't like to be too critical about things in general.

I think I will be using this video (and I thank you for sharing it) as a really great example about "TheRead". I like the challenge there about addressing the evil god of Abraham for 3:13 without being a condescending mummy's boy! :-)

I'm wrapping up a paint job in Casa Grande AZ. That'll be high on my agenda when I get season 2 going again. I hope you will keep your eye's peeled.

Alrighty. Peace and all that good stuff.