Thursday, October 27, 2011

OCCUPY GOD - Season 1 PLAYLIST ! ! ! Yayyyyyyyy!

Finally! O come all ye faithful . . .  :-)!

Click here to see OCCUPY GOD the way I "imagine" it - in sequence.
I wish it would stay "full screen" but -well - you can't have everything.

Start with "THE MESSENGER" and then let it roll (you can hit "pause" whenever you need a drink, or to get higher, or go to the bathroom . . . ) - I'm soooooooo excited for you!

Let's OCCUPY GOD! Too late . . .  it's already happened!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Devil's been cast out it seems - COMMENTS OPEN

Somehow I did a small tweak and it enabled comments.
Only thing is it can't go back in time to the first posts so . . . .
Comment here if you'd like.
Should be close enough at this point.

"The Devil's in the details"

So it seems like "Occupy God" will actually be flying. As of this writing I have the 2nd episode, called "The Read" done.  I like it well enough.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Occupy God Episode 1

Alrighty then . . . . well here we go. 
Finally got off up my butt (in order to spend way too much time on my butt - in a chair - at the computer) to put together episode 1.
Once upon a time I worked in the "TV business".
Wasn't successful in it or anything.  Just did it in the "analog" days.
Fell asleep for a second and when I awoke - Lo and behold - it was all digitial!
Yikes! Freaked me out!

So . . . . Now I'm old, I've got two kids, and this evolution of "revolution" has put me between a rock and a hard place and - well - sometimes you've gotta do what you gotta do.

Here's "Episode One" of OCCUPY GOD. 
What's "OCCUPY GOD" you may ask?

Well - for starters - it's NOT a cleverly "disguised" attempt to get people into church or religion or anything like that.
Its also NOT a mockery or sarcasm viz. "The Word of God".

What it is is an attempt to A) Tear away the "veils" that have come in between YOU and the Word of God. In specific : The words of the King James Bible and the Words of the Koran (Penguin edition please. Translated by NJ Dawood) and B) once those veils are torn away try to "tempt" and "seduce" all y'all to read those "words" for yourself.

Why?  Why the heck not?
If you are one of those who "truly don't believe" then what's the loss? You'll at least know, first hand, what the gobbledy-gook and hoo-ha is around those words, right?  You won't be growing a horn out of your head and - well - "they're just words".
By the same token, and on the other hand, and etc. - IF you are one of those who's spent their lives thinking they "believe" then - well - its Judgement Day! (Sorry for the news - but its really not as bad as you think).

The time has come to liberate your own mind from whatever you were fed since "childhood" or introduced to in "adolescence", etc.and "see with your own eyes".  All "believers" are, fundamentally, sincere.  Or they wouldn't be such a pain in the butt to all their friends and the people around them.

But one can be "sincere" and be sincerely wrong.

Yup.  Simple as that.

But on the other hand - and when all is said and done - and once the fat lady sings . . . . the main thing is that, whoever you are, these "Words" have a unique function/character/property/doo-hickey - and that function/character/property/doo-hickey only reveals itself when it interacts with YOU.

(Don't be looking behind you and shit! YOU. Yeah you. There's no place to run. No one to put your baggage on. And don't get your knickers in a twist! What are you afraid of? DON'T BE AFRAID! :-))


Anyway - This was the first episode. Figuring out my Windows Movie Maker program. Ah . . . .  what was I so scared of all these years?!

The future episodes will get shorter.  Subscribe or get the RSS feed (or however this all works) and follow along for a bit.  At the very least you'll have fun. Like you just had watching "me". 

And, if you like the basic OCCUPY GOD format, why don't you visit and search "Nahum" or "Brian Taraz".  Listen to some of the songs there. Some are truly awesome.  And download some off that website so that I could make a couple of bucks?  That would be awesome!

Anyway - If you've seen the video before reading this then, well, you'll appreciate how much latitude We've given Ourselves this time around.

The "Time" has come my friend and you've got a choice to make.

Kingdom of Heaven come down to earth?
 . . . .  .  Hmmmm . . .

Lots of nice options, actually, when you come to think about it!


So I got "stupid" after episode 1 and made a "music video" (just lyrics - but different fonts and whatnot) for the song that is played in the episode - "Scribes and Pharisees".  Its waaaaaaaaay shorter and, frankly, a ton of fun.

Truly - I hate seeing myself what with the big nose and balding head and bad lighting and all that. Yikes! What a trauma. But this video (see below) - It totally rocks.

I'll try and get some more info up about when I recorded it and with whom and all that stuff.  Its late now though and - thought I'm not really tired - I think I have to get back to my regularly scheduled, slave-numbing, time-wasting lifestyle or I may run the risk of no longer being "functional".

And please share. It won't kill you. You know I'm right!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcome to Occupy God

Okay. It's probably going to take me a second to figure this all out.
After all Rome wasn't built in a day, right?
In the meantime here's my little promotional teaser.
Occupy God
starts today


Is there some kind of "subscribe" button? Or what's that RSS stuff all about? Thing is, you might want to be notified when I upload the first episode of Occupy God. Should be soon. We'll see where it goes. But, without being too shy about it - it'll change the way we understand religion like you never thought possible.