Occupy GOD? What the #@*^? :-)

It's real simple.
Make "me" the fall guy.
The Stone.
The "Burning Meteor".

Pick a video you like - or the playlist - and start sharing it with all the folks you know.

In my "vanity" I imagine that college age people that have an interest in society, thinking, justice,
blah, blah, blah -
would find this interesting and valuable.

The "Leaders of Religion" have forfeited the privilege of being
 custodians and ministers of
the Word and Will and Joy of God.

They have used the scriptures -
 whether willfully or through basic laziness and selfishness
 - to oppress and confuse mankind.

They have turned a loving God who created man, woman, earth and the universe
as tokens of His Love and Joy
 (and, frankly, because He's a bit of an ego-maniacal show-off . . . 
what with eternity and omnipotence and the like.
But He can get away with it. You know?)
into this horrifying bludgeon that fills the minds of His creatures with either fear and loathing,
 or contempt, or boredom
- or all of them so . . .

At the risk of coming off self-righteous - I have come to . . . .

Serve you. 
Yes YOU.

Not any religion.
Not any dogma.
Not any power
(other than your and my power).

This is the first step.
I offer myself as your "jester".
Hurl me through the kingdom - there's music and laughter and lightness
(and the occasional, poignant moment).

It is said,
"He hath known God who hath known himself"

We've had ourselves stolen from our selves for ages my friend.
We've been turned into fodder for The BEAST.
I am here to take the Kingdom back.
And you, yes you, will help Me.

Our weapon is Love.
Our arsenal is the Word.
Take a bite from this Apple.

Welcome to the Garden.

You are God.
(Don't blush my love - its true you know)
They've just kept you in the dark about it.

Think of me as your Morning Star
And know that this is the Dawn of a New Day.

Use "me".
Don't hesitate or falter.
Let's do this in "the twinkling of an eye!"

And remember - it's supposed to be fun . . .