Monday, October 24, 2011

"The Devil's in the details"

So it seems like "Occupy God" will actually be flying. As of this writing I have the 2nd episode, called "The Read" done.  I like it well enough.

Been getting some great feedback from folks and a healthy number of views for just 2 days (especially for this kind of thing).  A good friend of mine who is not a fan of religious material at all totally dug it and actually had his wife sit down and check it out.  And she liked it too!

Haven't gotten the "word" out yet -except for Facebook - on account of I'm trying to get the connections between Blogger/Blogspot and YouTube and my "OccupyGod" facebook page worked out.

LIKE COMMENTS - I totally want to do comments and back and forth and all that but I tried doing the comment settings here on Blogger and it still seems there's no way to commet. 

IF YOU KNOW THE BLOGGER Set-up, and you might be willing to help me, could you e-mail me at ? I'd totally appreciate it.

So I've got my kids tonight and they want some computer time.

Okay - if you haven't checked out Episode One, I hope you will. 
This post is boring but - well - am hoping someone will see my "comment" dilemna and help me cast that demon out of this situation!


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